The Cats (Cast?) of Second Guess Farm: Spike

Of the seven cats under this roof, Spike has a most special place in my heart.

Right before Thanksgiving of last year (2018), a call went out for a winter foster or permanent rehoming of this approximately 10-year-old grey cat. Spike is a former feral who has seen some stuff. His ears are tattered from past fights, and he’s totally deaf. Spike is also blind in one eye. And completely toothless.

Charming Spike.

I was hesitant at first, because Spike is also FIV+. This is kitty AIDS, and just like human AIDS, FIV is ultimately fatal. But also just like human AIDS, it’s really really hard to pass FIV from one cat to another. The best way is through biting. Have I mentioned that Spike has no teeth?

So Spike has lived with us since Thanksgiving. He is a most wonderful and sweet kitty.

Sadly, FIV has taken its toll on him, and we are in the vet’s office regularly for more blood work. Spike seems to have some sort of infection that antibiotics simply are not touching.

Today’s vet visit.

Spike is still happy, despite anemia and elevated white blood cell counts. I call him my hospice kitty and enjoy every day we have with him. He’s got fight left in him and I’m gonna do everything I can for him until the time comes…

Author: Penny

Principle Cat Wrangler and Chief Cat Cuddler at Mew-Mew House.

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