Inktober 2019 – Day 1 – Les Chats de Mew-Mew

It’s Inktober. Time to draw.

This is my first Inktober. I’ll be drawing pictures, comics, and characatures of the cats of Mew-Mew House at Second Guess Farm.

Mew-Mew House is the retirement home and hospice for cats at Second Guess. It’s currently occupied by 11 cats, which you’ll get to know as Inktober goes on.

It’s Mew-Mew House – a crazy social group for cats!

This logo came together a week ago, and the first drawings started to materialize yesterday…

Spell, Dappled Sunshine, and Baby Kitty.

Next steps are to develop their personalities… Stay tuned!

Author: Penny

Principle Cat Wrangler and Chief Cat Cuddler at Mew-Mew House.