Comic Relief

The last month at Mew-Mew House has been difficult. But there are yet light-hearted moments brought to you by our resident comic relief.

That’s a funny ornament

Among the seniors of the house are two kittens underfoot.

Possum – about 3 months old in this picture
Toast – around 7 months old in this picture

These two keep us busy and do kitten things. They keep the older cats on their toes, and also learn valuable life lessons from the seniors (if they’d only sit down and listen).

What I woke to one morning not so long ago. Then I took a paw to the eye.

Mew-Mew House exists to take in senior, health compromised, and/or hospice cats, but we couldn’t turn away these two.

Sometimes you just need comic relief!

Author: Penny

Principle Cat Wrangler and Chief Cat Cuddler at Mew-Mew House.