Mew-Mew’s 2020 Vision

And thus begins 2020. Happy new year!

To celebrate, Possum took a nap…

Let sleeping kittens lie.

And Spell did a little shoe art.

“Two Blue Shoes,” by Spell the Cat

For most of us, the new year is a time for reflection and resolutions. A friend challenged us to use predictive text to make our resolutions for 2020.

Mine came out as I could only expect:

Facebook comments by me:
“My new year’s resolution is a rescue.”
A reply to myself:
“Apparently, my phone knows me.”

(You can do this too. Type “My New Year’s Resolution is,” then use the center button on your phone to find the rest.)

We all know what this means. Yup, by the end of January, I’ll have the paperwork submitted for Mew-Mew House become a proper not-for-profit organization.

Watch this space. Great things are about to happen.

Author: Penny

Principle Cat Wrangler and Chief Cat Cuddler at Mew-Mew House.